2015 Archive


  • Artists:
    Małgorzta Wdowik,
    Robert Lassig,
    Tamara Antonijevic

    Executive Producer:
    Anna Galas-Kosil
  • Coordinator:
    Edyta Zielnik

    Łukasz Orłowski


The Boundaries of Landscape deals with a concept of imagined scenography and, in connection to that, with a notion of landscape, memory and collective history. The room is empty; viewers create visual content themselves through sound, their own experiences and interaction with other people.

This project deals with the concept of imagined scenography and in connection with that, with a notion of landscape in Western theory, art and literature. The whole space is divided into few sound territories, which are based on texts that representing different approaches to ideas of landscape, memory and collective history. Small groups of the audience are invited to explore the space with headphones. Each sound spot is composed depending on the function and the length of the text. According to a specific position in which a visitor is located, he or she is able to hear sound assigned to this territory. Performativity of each text or soundscape lies not in its representation, but in the imagination of each and every ‘’viewer’’, who is invited not only to create individual experiences, but also to question his/her role as a member of the audience.

The Boundaries of Landscape project was nominated for the Promising Student Talent award.


fot. Markéta Bendová
fot. Markéta Bendová
fot. Markéta Bendová

The project was produced by The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute as part of the main program of the Prague Quadrennial 2019.

Financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.