Accessibility declaration

The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in compliance with the provisions of the Act on the Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Entities dated 4 April 2019. The accessibility declaration applies to the website Poland at the Prague Quadrennial:

Date of website publication: 17 May 2023

Date of the last large update: 17 May 2023

The website is partially compliant with the Act on the Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Entities dated 4 April 2019 owing to the following non-compliances and exclusions:

  • Lack of audio-description and/or subtitles and/or interpretation to the Polish Sign Language (PJM) of part of the video content (the resources will be adjusted to the abovesaid needs in the course of subsequent works on the website implementation);
  • Lack of marking of foreign language content with the lang tag;
  • Occasional use of idioms, jargon, and atypical words; lack of explanation of texts requiring literacy at a level higher than middle school education;


Standard web browser keyboard shortcuts can be used while accessing the website.


Declaration made on: 15 May 2023

The declaration was made based on a self-evaluation conducted by the public entity.


If you have problems with the digital accessibility of the website by people with visual or hearing impairments, please contact us. The Theatre Institute accessibility coordinator is Anna Gołębiowska, (Tel. +48 791 877 377). Requests for the provision of unavailable information and complaints for lack of accessibility should be sent to the above address or communicated via the above telephone number.

The Theatre Institute office can be contacted by telephone at +48 22 501 70 02 or by e-mail at:

The International Cooperation Department is responsible for the editing and maintenance of the website; address:


Every person is entitled to file a request for the provision of digital accessibility of a website, mobile application, or any element thereof. One can also request the provision of information in alternative forms, e.g. via the reading out of a digitally inaccessible document, the description of the content of a video without audio-description, e.g. a relevant request should feature the particulars of the requester, an indication of the website or mobile application in question, and the preferred manner of contact. In the event the requester communicates the need to be provided with information in an alternative form, they should specify the form of the requested information.

Public entities should process the request without delay, no later than 7 days. If meeting this deadline is not possible, the given public entity shall notify the requester without delay of when the request can be processed, provided, however, that this time frame cannot exceed the period of two months. If it is impossible to provide accessibility, the public entity may propose an alternative way of accessing the information.

In the event that a public entity refuses to comply with the request to ensure accessibility or providing alternative access to information, one can file a complaint.

After all the options for complaint have been exhausted, a complaint can also be filed with the Commissioner for Human Rights. Link to the Commissioner for Human Rights website:



Address and road access:

The project office is housed in the office premises on the first floor of the main office of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute located at ul. Jazdów 1 in Warsaw.

There is one parking spot dedicated to people with disabilities in front of the Institute building.

Buses – bus stop: Plac Na Rozdrożu (for buses routed along Aleje Ujazdowskie and Trasa Łazienkowska).

Entrance to the building:

The Theatre Institute’s main entrance is accessed by a low staircase and a ramp for people with mobility impairments (e.g. wheelchair users). Single leaf, glazed door, 90 cm wide.

The Theatre Institute can be visited by people accompanied by assistance dogs (water is provided for dogs). Information about possible restrictions to this option, e.g. during performances using strobe lighting or exceptionally loud music, will always be published on the Theatre Institute website and is provided in the descriptions of the given activities/projects.

Moving around the building:

After entering the Theatre Institute building at level 0, you will find the One Item Gallery on the left, next there is the IT cafe & bar (on the right) and the entrance to the Prospero bookshop (on the left).

After passing the café and the entrance to the bookshop, on the left, there is the entrance to the Barbara Krasnodębska Documentation Studio, and on the right, there is the Institute Gallery. Directly from this space, IT visitors can enter (through a 90-cm-wide glazed door) the IT Library and Reading Room and the Theatre Pedagogy Department (a no-rebate door with a concealed frame – to the right of the Library entrance, between it and the IT Gallery window).

Between the Documentation Studio and the Gallery, there is a foyer and, further ahead, the Theatre Institute’s theatre room. The way to the auditorium is accessible to people with mobility impairments – there are no thresholds, and no differences in floor levels.

At level 0 – opposite the main entrance, past the café and the entrance to the bookshop – there is a staircase leading up to level +1 (which houses the main office and the Director’s office, and the Communication and Promotion, Organisation, International Cooperation departments, as well as the offices of the independent staff and Accounting) and to level -1 (which houses the men’s toilet, video studios and dressing rooms).

To the left of the stairs – at level 0 – two other toilets are located, namely the ladies’ room and a toilet accessible to people with disabilities.

The Theatre Institute building is not equipped with a lift.

In compliance with the operative health and safety regulations, there is a foam fire extinguisher on each floor.

IT cafe & bar

Access to the IT cafe & bar is not impeded by architectural obstacles, however, the bar counter is located at a height of over 90 cm, which can significantly impede accessibility for people with mobility impairments. If necessary, the café staff guarantees table service.

The Theatre Institute’s main office and other office space

Office rooms are located at level +1 (no lift); the main office and other office rooms are inaccessible without assistance for people with mobility impairments. The Institute’s team assists in all situations where assistance is required and is available to visitors.

Toilets in the Institute

The toilet accessible to people with disabilities and the ladies toilet are located at level 0 and are accessible to people with mobility impairments (there are no level differences or thresholds). The men’s toilet is located at level -1 and is accessed by a fairly steep staircase.

Lighting and alarm systems

In some rooms, for example, the Institute’s circulation spaces, the lighting may be too poor for people with visual impairments. There is no sunlight at the Theatre Institute Gallery. There is no Braille signage at the Institute, but the Institute team is available to assist whenever assistance is required. The alarm system has an audible form without visual signals (it will not warn deaf people of danger).