2011 Archive


  • Curator, Designer - Architect of Exhibition:
    Grzegorz Kowalski

    List of exhibiting students: Julia Bui-Ngoc, Piotr Chuchla, Katarzyna Granica, Kaśka Klimkowska, Alicja Raczkowska, Tomas Rafa, Philippe Rębosz, Jacek Różański, Karol Sienkiewicz, Ewa Śmigielska, Wojtek Tymicki, Wojtek Urbański
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design, Studio of Audiovisual Space


The task of Common Space, Personal Space is one of the tasks that form part of study course at the Studio of Audiovisual Space. It is included in the syllabus, along with the other exercises, but the rules of performing the task make it unique. The participants (the students and the teacher) are in a shared space and personal space. All of us act on equal terms. Each participant has his or her own defined space and access to a space that is an area of common activity. Example: personal spaces consist of a coloured circle in which their owners stand, but these circles are located in the common space – the studio floor divided into two parts: black and white. This arrangement makes it possible to define the features of one’s own “language” of behaviour within one’s own circle, and to introduce this “language” of form into the common space, i.e. the black or white studio space.

The project was produced by The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute as part of the Prague Quadrennial 2011.

Financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.