2007 Archive


  • Curator, author of theme:
    Paweł Wodziński

    Designer, architect of exhibition:
    Mirek Kaczmarek

    Technical manager:
    Krzysztof Garstecki


Over the last few years everything in Poland has changed, just as it has changed in the rest of Central and Eastern Europe: the political system, the social structure and the level of life and opportunity for development, and our common memory and view of traditions. The social function of art has also changed, and with it, theatre. The theatre of poetic metaphor and unlimitable creativity which, for years, was a staple of Polish culture, has become a thing of the past. The romantic paradigm has also been tossed aside, although it shaped Polish art over one and a half centuries.

If Polish theatre, and with it scenography, as well as theatrical architecture, are to mean anything today, it’s through the never ending attempt to enter into a relationship with reality, obsessively seeking out new images, as well as keeping up with the changes brought on by reality.


photo Przemysław Kaczmarek
photo Przemysław Kaczmarek
photo Przemysław Kaczmarek
photo Przemysław Kaczmarek

The project was produced by The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute as part of the Prague Quadrennial 2007.

Financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.