PQ 2023


  • Collective Team: Zuzanna Berendt, Ludomir Franczak, Magdalena Franczak, Michał Fronk, Anna Majewska, Sára Märc, Ida Ślęzak

    Collaboration: Petr Dlouhý, Katharina Joy Book, Michał Sałwiński, Zuzana Šklíbová

    Music: Marcin Dymiter, Ola Rzepka, Tokyo Drift – Pavla Bastlová

    Voice: Małgorzata Biela, Anna Majewska, Sára Märc
  • Artistic Intervention within the Polish Pavilion at PQ 2023: Agata Siniarska

    Lecture in the Polish Pavilion during PQ 2023: Marco Stella, "We Have Never Been Humans, They Have Never Been Animals: Some Thoughts on Animal Domestication and Coevolution"

    Graphic Design for the Pavilion: kilku.com (Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając), Michał Fronk
  • Producent: Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

    Anna Rudek-Śmiechowska,
    Krystyna Mogilnicka,
    Karolina Dziełak-Żakowska

Exhibition description

The format of the Polish pavilion for the Prague Quadrennial 2023 international scenographic exhibition is reflected in the term “crossroads.” It is a meeting spot for various research and artistic paths that lead to the creation of an installation and audio walks, and a starting point for participants to explore the space extending beyond the exhibition halls. The Polish pavilion is situated at an intersection of relationships between humans and non-humans, different materialities and temporalities. All these relationships unfold in the distinct location of this year’s Quadrennial: a former slaughterhouse in the Holešovice district.

Don’t we need new narratives? Another story about the world? Don’t we also need a new space for these stories? Are they no longer with us? Haven’t we been looking at it forever?